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Essential Oils Archives

May 14, 2008

Self Care for Nurses, Healers, and Other Care Providers

Grab some green tea and sit with us and listen to our conversational tips on Self Care.

On this show myself and Christine Jackson PhD, RN shared tips in a "Tea Talk" about self care for nurses and other caregivers.

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It can be a daily struggle to give ourselves good care - but listen in to some tips and techniques (like getting in a good healthy breakfast in a hurry) on this show!

MP3 File

June 4, 2008

What Exactly Is an Essential Oil?

Teaching E O in NY with Laura Norman- resized.jpg
Marilee teaching how to use essential oils for natural health in New York City at the Laura Norman School of Reflexology.

From Marilee "I am passionate about using these "gifts from nature" to help our health and well-being!"

You will be getting snippets of good educational info all month long here at Green Tea with Marilee on the therapeutic use of essential oils.

Although I have been teaching this subject for umpteen years - you know me - I love bringing in the experts! So I am interviewing a wonderful guest expert at the end of the month on this show who you will learn much from - AND you will be able to join me live on this interview! Stay tuned for that info.

Meanwhile, listen here to my very quick "4 minute show" to learn what an essential oil really is and where they come from. . .

MP3 File

June 2, 2008

Essential Oils ~ A Natural Health Approach

Essential Oils from the plant kingdom are the life force of nature.

These natural substances were man's first medicine.

In the natural health world we are revisiting many ancient ways of healing, and the therapeutic use of essential oils is one of them.

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We're going to have a great month on this topic!

You will learn what an essential oil is, where they come from, how they are made, what they are good for, and how to choose one that is right for you.

And I'm bringing on a very special guest expert for this month's interview ~ I'm going to keep youin suspense right now and hope that you stop back here real soon to find out who it is and how YOU can be part of the live interview.

Listen to the show this coming Wednesday to learn the actual definition of what an essential oil is.

June 6, 2008

Essential Oils - Natural Remedy for Nail Fungus

Download File

A great natural health tip for nail fungus is to use therapeutic organic essential oils (not the aromatherapy version of perfume grade oils).

Watch this 41 second video on what to use and how.

Want to learn more about therapeutic grade essential oils?

Get a free 7 Day Video Mini-E-Course on "How to Use Essential Oils" when you sign up for Home Spa Lady's Tips of the Week Newsletter. Click this link now.

Get the absolute highest grade therapeutic and organic essential oils. . .
Click here now

June 10, 2008

Beat the Heat with Essential Oils

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We can use essential oils for just about anything.

Plants are here to help us deal with the environment, and essential oils (I like to think of them as the 'liquid intelligence of nature') can help us cool down when we are hot!

An excellent oil for cooling is peppermint.

Just diffusing peppermint in the summertime can uplift and cool the environment.

Another great way to use peppermint is to put a drop of a therapeutic grade peppermint oil in your glass of water.

June 13, 2008

Lavender and Aloe - What a Great Combination

Download File

The discovery of "Aromatherapy" came through a chemist who burned his arm in his laboratory and then mistakenly put his burned arm in a vat of lavender, thinking it was water. His healing was phenomenal and got his attention. As a result Gattefoose discovered the healing powers of aromatherapy.

Aloe is known to heal burns as well. The combination of aloe and lavender is a powerful healing remedy.

This is a great remedy for sunburn.

Watch this video of how to spray this combination on your body!

Click here to sign up for a free mini e-course on how to use essential oils

June 11, 2008

How to Use Essential Oils

Man's first medicine was essential oils.

People often think of essential oils to create an aroma in the environment that may relax them.

Using essential oils is so much more than that.

We can use essential oils for every day common ailments like headaches, belly aches, sinus problems, and much more.

We can also use essential oils for healing on a deeper level. Just look at some of the studies on lavender for wound healing for example.

Get your free course on How To Use Essential Oils

Learn where to order the highest quality essential oils for healing.

June 12, 2008

Lemon Water to Alkaline Your Body

Download File

It is healthy for our blood to be in a slightly "alkaline" state.

This has much to do with what we put in our body.

Much of the standard american diet creates a more "acidic" state (coffee, meat, sugar, white flour).

When we are "acidic", especially for a prolonged time period, we may be setting ourselves up for a decline in our health.

Here is a very simple and powerful tip on how to help keep the body "alkaline"!

June 16, 2008

Use Essential Oils for Shingles and Shingles Pain

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I happen to have my own testimony of using essential oils for shingles.

When my mother was undergoing surgery I was so stressed out. I didn't know how stressed out I was - my body had to tell me.

I thought at first my problem was a spider bite but then I found out it was shinges.

I had nerve discomfort and all the things that go with shingles.

The first thing I did was consult the texts The Essential Desk Reference and The Alternative Medicine book - both mentioned a few oils to use but the ravensara got my attention and vote. I started taking it internally in a capsule ( 7 drops in one capsule and I took one capsule in the morning and one at night).

Within 24 hours my pain and discomfort went away.

I followed this regime for 21 days.

I'll fill you in more later on this amazing natural remedy that I used.

Meanwhile, here are some topical application ideas for shingles. . . .

Blend together:
--10 drops sandalwood--5 drops blue cypress--4 drops peppermint--2 drops ravensara

Dilute 50:50 with massage oil and apply 6 - 10 drops on the
affected area, back of neck, and down the spine 1 - 3 times
daily. (from Essential Desk Reference)

Aromatherapy expert, and author of "Medical Aromatherapy" Dr.
Kurt Schnaubelt, says "Our greatest success in the treatment of
shingles is by applying a blend of 50% ravensara and 50%
calophyllum inophyllum (like St. John's Wort
http://snipurl.com/tamanu_oil ).

Drastic improvements and complete remissions occur within seven
A case study was done of six hospice patients with shingles.
It was found that three essential oils combined together and
placed in distilled water and used as a spritz improved the
symptoms of the shingles.

The three oils used were:

This study was run by aromatherapist Noel Gilligan. Mr Gilligan
reported that after 48 hours:
--there was a significant reduction in the pain from the shingles--scabbing and healing of the pustules took place and in one
instance there was a disappearance of the pustules

Learn more about this study: http://snipurl.com/shingles

June 18, 2008

Essential Oils - Answering Your Questions about Nail Fungus

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Thank you Catherine for your question about how essential oils compare with 'Pen-Lac' for nail fungus. Listen to this 5 minute answer to your question!

My favorite oils for nail fungus are Oregano, Purification, Melaleuca!

You can get these oils here. . . .

MP3 File

June 23, 2008

Can Essential Oils Help Grief and Guilt?

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Trish wrote in with a question about a suicide that took place in her family.

Her cousin left behind children who are not only grieving but feel very guilty and depressed because they "never tried to help their father".

So the question was - "are there any essential oils to help with this?"

I am aware of a collection of essential oils that are supportive of balancing emotions. This collection is called

"The Feelings Kit" from Young Living.

Here are the oil blends that it contains:

Inner Child
Present Time

These are all complementary essential oil blends formulated and selected for this kit by D. Gary Young to support emotional well-being.

Learn more about this kit and how to use them.

If it were me, I would use all of these oils on a daily basis.

This is how:

-Valor on my feet
-Harmony on my stomach
-Forgiveness on my heart
-Inner Child on my wrist
-Present Time on the back of my neck

Purchase this kit here.

June 25, 2008

"Essential Oils and Energy Work" with Linda Smith

Marilee and Linda Smith.jpg
Marilee and Linda Smith

Listen in on this amazing interview! I interviewed Linda Smith who is founder of the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, a program that offers many classes on spritual hands-on healing and a certification program in Aromatherapy.

Linda is an amazing woman who has so much talent. She is one of the best teachers in spritual healing that I have come across. I have known Linda for many years and it has been a pleasure being her good friend. We've taken many journeys together and I think we'll be taking many more.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed giving it !

MP3 File

June 27, 2008

Clean the Air in Your Car - Quick, Easy, Chemical-Free, Smell Good Tip!

Download File

(Put your cursor on the screen to watch this 1 minute 45 seconds video)

The air system in our cars can build up mold
and yucky stuff that when we turn it on
(particularly for the first time of the season,
whether air conditioning in the warm weather or
heat in the cold weather) we can get a blast of
that stuff blowing in our face and directly into
our respiratory tract.

Using essential oils (not the perfume-y stuff!
but the good therapeutic kind) can kill the mold
and overgrowth of any harmful organisms that
we don't feel like breathing.

June 30, 2008

Prostate Cancer and Essential Oils to Support Healing

ImageChef.com Poetry Blender

There are many natural therapies to help support healing. . .these can often be in conjunction with conventional treatment. One way to support the healing of prostate cancer is with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Listen to this short audio on an essential oil protocol for prostate cancer.

MP3 File

July 18, 2008

Organic Hand Scrub You Can Do at Home

Download File

I love this hand scrub!

And, as you can see, it is easy to do.

The summer is a great time of year for our skin to shine. . .even our hands.
Try this for yourself!

My favorite oil to use for this is St. Marie's Lavender

love this hand scrub!

And, as you can see, it is easy to do.

The summer is a great time of year for our skin to shine. . .even our hands.
Try this for yourself!

My favorite oil to use for this is St. Marie's Lavender

Click here to get some and try it for yourself.

December 10, 2008

Essential Oils - Drinking Frankincense in My Protein Shake

Don't be so surprised! Yes - drinking frankincense oil!

Let me say right off the bat -

. . .if you are operating under the "English Model" of
Aromatherapy then you will be appalled at what I'm writing here.
. .
. . . because the English model of Aromatherapy dictates to never
ingest an oil or use on the body neet (undiluted).

There is truth to that - because if you are using a "perfume
grade" essential oil (and many essential oils used under the
English Model of Aromatherapy are perfume grade) you would not
want to use on the body neet or ingest.

However, when we move into the use of therapeutic grade essential
oils (which you will find in the French and German models of
Aromatherapy- and we lean towards those models in Young Living)
where there are no additives, fixatives, or
adulterations ~ then using the oils neet, or undiluted on the
body (with the exception of a few 'hot' oils), is not a problem -
and many of these oils can even be ingested.

You might be saying "Well, who says?" And I can say to
you "the FDA says!"

For example - look at a bottle of Young Living's Frankincense oil
(which I'm going to show you on the video how I take drops of
this internally). You will see on the label "Supplemental
Facts". This is the same Supplemental Facts type of label that
you will find on boxes and cans of food in your grocery stores -
mandated by the FDA!

And here's the real tip - you KNOW that an essential oil is
extremely high quality and therapeutic grade if it has that on
the label (which is not to say that oils that don't have that
are not therapeutic grade).


January 5, 2009

Essential Oils and Energy Work with Linda Smith

Linda Smith RN, MS, HNC, CHTP/I, CCA
Essential Oils and Energy Work

MP3 File

Marilee Tolen RN, HNC, CHTP/I
Linda L. Smith RN, MS, HNC, CHTP/I

author of

Healing Oils, Healing Hands: Discovering the Power of Prayer, Hands-On Healing, and Anointing

You will learn:

* Why anointing with therapeutic grade essential oils engages a special healing and beautifying process, unlike any other

* How essential oils were used for healing and beauty through antiquity by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians, and how you can use them in the same way to beautify and heal the temple of your life

* What four oils were considered the most holy, what they did for people of antiquity, and what they can do for your life today

* What essential oil was used during biblical times that is used in hospitals today - and why we want it to prevent infection and keep bandages intact

* How essential oils were used by medieval healers like Hildegard of Bingen and how you can use the same to re-awaken the healer in you

* Hildegard's recipe of Lavender wine for liver ailments

*How anointing with essential oils enhances techniques like acupuncture, massage, Reiki and Healing Touch, and many other forms of energetic healing

*How essential oils were used in Biblical Times with the ancient spiritual formulas - and why you still may want to use man's first medicine

*How all diseases have a vibrational frequency that can be altered with the anointing of essential oils and hands-on healing

*How to choose an essential oil that is right for you

*What oils were used for these conditions and how you can easily get them today: --Wounds that won't heal --Respiratory problems --Skin problems

*What the father of medicine, Hippocrates, said was the best way to health, how he endorsed essential oils, and what he said to do to prevent contagious diseases

*How and why the Roman soldiers used oils before they went into battle

*How you can become Certified in Aromatherapy through the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy - the best easy to access, certification process available today

Learn about how you can listen to this show and all other of Marilee's interviews by clicking here.

January 19, 2009

The Doctor Who Dropped from the Sky - Joan Barice MD with Marilee Tolen RN

Joan Barice M.D., MPH
The Doctor Who Dropped From the Sky

MP3 File
Dr. Barice is a physician board certified in internal, preventive, and addiction medicine. After studying and using various forms of alternative medicine including the therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. Barice's goal is to inform and empower people to take care of their health as naturally as possible.

Dr. Barice was awarded an honorary doctorate degree at Northwood University's Florida campus for her contribution to the field of preventative medicine.
She currently teaches medical students at the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern medical schools.

"The Doctor Who Dropped From The Sky"
with her message about Essential Oils!
What does a Stanford/Harvard trained physician who has fallen from the sky more than 200 times have to tell us about essential oils?

Learn about how you can listen to this show and all other of Marilee's interviews by clicking here.

October 27, 2008

Young Living's Ningxia Red - A Tele-RED-Cast with Marc Schreuder

Listen to Marc start out here addressing the issue of purchasing wolfberries from China. . . you will learn so much!

Marc Schreuder
TeleREDcast on Ningxia Red

MP3 File

Marc Schreuder, co-author "Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood" along with Gary Young ND and Ronald Lawrence MD

Marc is humorously known as Young Living's "mad scientist" and is an expert in the Ningxia Wolfberry and other Super Foods.

On this show he shared research and cover how the Ningxia Wolfberry and the Ningxia Red juice can help to improve health.

Learn about how you can listen to this show and all other of Marilee's interviews by clicking here.

February 16, 2009

Essential Oil Chemistry Made Simple with David Stewart PhD

David Stewart PhD
Essential Oil Chemistry Made Simple

MP3 File

Here is what Dr. Stewart Covered in his interview with Marilee. . .

Why you can't have an allergy to essential oils. . .

(because in order to have an allergy the substance has to have these three things. . .learn what they are)

What essential oils are

How essential oils work

What essential oils can do for you

The best ways to apply essential oils

Why we haven't been taught how to use essential oils to naturally heal the body

A simple explanation about the famous "benzene ring" ~ the very special natural chemical composition found in essential oils

What the best oils are to use and how to tell how good they are

What the Raindrop Technique is and what it can do for you

Where you can learn more and get certification in training

David Stewart PhD has authored several books. The show is based on his most recent book

"The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple"

Learn about how you can listen to this show and all other of Marilee's interviews by clicking here.

May 4, 2009

Realizing Love through Essential Oils and Cleansing with Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff

Dr. LeAnne DearDeuff
Realizing Love through Essential Oils and Cleansing

MP3 File
Marilee and Dr. LeAnne had a great discussion and interview as Dr. LeAnne shared the connection between cleansing the physical body and the receiving of love. Get ready to hear tips on how to use the famous essential oil kit called the "Feelings Kit" and much more!

Dr. Deardeuff is co-author (along with her husband - Dr. David) of "Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils"

Learn about how you can listen to this show and all other of Marilee's interviews by clicking here.

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