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December 2008 Archives

December 10, 2008

Essential Oils - Drinking Frankincense in My Protein Shake

Don't be so surprised! Yes - drinking frankincense oil!

Let me say right off the bat -

. . .if you are operating under the "English Model" of
Aromatherapy then you will be appalled at what I'm writing here.
. .
. . . because the English model of Aromatherapy dictates to never
ingest an oil or use on the body neet (undiluted).

There is truth to that - because if you are using a "perfume
grade" essential oil (and many essential oils used under the
English Model of Aromatherapy are perfume grade) you would not
want to use on the body neet or ingest.

However, when we move into the use of therapeutic grade essential
oils (which you will find in the French and German models of
Aromatherapy- and we lean towards those models in Young Living)
where there are no additives, fixatives, or
adulterations ~ then using the oils neet, or undiluted on the
body (with the exception of a few 'hot' oils), is not a problem -
and many of these oils can even be ingested.

You might be saying "Well, who says?" And I can say to
you "the FDA says!"

For example - look at a bottle of Young Living's Frankincense oil
(which I'm going to show you on the video how I take drops of
this internally). You will see on the label "Supplemental
Facts". This is the same Supplemental Facts type of label that
you will find on boxes and cans of food in your grocery stores -
mandated by the FDA!

And here's the real tip - you KNOW that an essential oil is
extremely high quality and therapeutic grade if it has that on
the label (which is not to say that oils that don't have that
are not therapeutic grade).


December 22, 2008

Bernie Siegel and The Psychology of Illness

Bernie Siegel MD
The Psychology of Illness and the Art of Healing

MP3 File

Books By Bernie Siegel MD

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December 29, 2008

Second Chance at Your Dream with Dorothea Hover-Kramer

How to Have a Second Chance at Your Dream

MP3 File

Engaging Your Body's Energy Resources for Optimal Aging, Creativity and Health

with Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D., RN author, Second Chance at Your Dream

Listen in for some Second Chance at Your Dream cover great techniques!

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December 14, 2008

The "Great Life Diet" with Denny Waxman

Marilee and Denny Waxman May 2008 Resized_006.JPG

MP3 File

Denny Waxman
is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics.

For the past thirty years, Denny has used his expert knowledge in rational ways of eating and the healing power of foods to help others improve their health through diet and lifestyle modifications.

"Incurable" cancers. . .
Heart Disease. . .
Chronic Fatigue. . .
even the common cold. . . .

. . .and other things like weight management, blood pressure regulation, cholesterol, hormonal balancing and blood sugar. .

have been helped espousing the dietary and lifestyle practices
that Denny will be speaking about in this hour show with Marilee!


Based on what he offers through his book and his school "The Strengthening Health Institute", Denny will share basic principles, techniques, and answer your personal questions.

"Denny Waxman was one of my early students and is outstanding in his knowledge and dedication to Macrobiotics. I am proud to have him as one of my associates and regard him one of the leading educators and an outstanding teacher of the macrobiotic lifestyle."
Michio Kushi, World Leader of Macrobiotics, Brookline, MA

December 8, 2008

Green Tea with Marilee Show with John Perkins, Marilee Tolen, and Scott Rosen

John Perkins
New York Times Best Selling Author John Perkins on the "Green Tea with Marilee" Show!

MP3 File

Scott Rosen and Marilee at Transformations

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